This is a web browser based BINGO game. You can play a game using your PC, smartphone, or any devices that are connected to internet. All you need to do is access the URL and play from the browser. No download or Fee is needed.

Play Movie

Play the Movie


  1. Access a game page using your phone, PC or any devices connected to internet.
  2. Select a room from the list.
  3. Click a number on your screen once it is drawn.


    Once you are in magical mode, select the number you wish to be drawn next. You only have 20 seconds to choose! If the number you selected is majority in a room, the number will be the next one to be called!
  4. Click the “BINGO” button on your card and call “BINGO!”
    You are the winner!
How to play


  1. Access a master page using PC browser.
  2. Name the room you wish to create in maximum 10 letters.
  3. Click “CREATE” button to start a game.
  4. Let your players know the name of the room.
  5. Once all your players in the room, click “Start” to draw the numbers.

    MAGICAL MODE : Special rule

    When you get many waitings but no bingos, you can use “MAGICAL MODE” to boost up the game.
    “MAGICAL MODE” is a mode let your players select which number they wish to be drawn next by majority vote.

#This feature is made available by its interactive feature of “MAGICAL BINGO COCORO”.

Host the rooms